Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wish List

MMMMM I have been having a peruse online. i want these two things

I found these on this Vintage website. so many goodies. I also wouldn't mind this

The Loved One - Lingerie

So, while im in the midst of creating my own lingerie/house/bed-wares ive stumbled upon this lovely emerging Lingerie company called The Loved One. Its so nice to see sheer fabrics and cute looking girls in such sweet garments. The creator uses her own friends to model her lovelies which i think is such a nice feminine touch. They all have long lush hair and cute faces. 
My personal favourite is this sheer camisole. but i cant help but like the lot!!
check out the video made, you can see the long haired babes here

You can join The Loved One & Seychelles May 11th for an evening of cocktails, shoes, lingerie, vintage clothing and more! RSVP here!

Oh i cant wait to show you my silky lingerie, seeing this makes me want to burst!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Project Please

This week ive been getting itchy to get things started with my Lingerie Line. So many images and ideas exploding in my mind. here are a few images that express some of my ideas/feelings
João Ruas
João Ruas
Robert Mcinnes
Jeremy Enecio
Jeremy Enecio
Phil Hale
Wesley Burt


Already four months into the year and im finally feeling settled. Parties are out of my system and im all for cosy chats with cosy people that live within a 5 min radius!!

Crystal Pool

I had an amazing adventurous holiday down south which i came away with an impressive scar to add to my memory bank. 
One of my favourite things i did was jump into the coldest water ive experienced at a place called The Resurgence. The water trickles through the inside of the mountain and its caves into a pool at the bottom. Filled with minerals and 'healing properties' i jumped in. you have exactly enough time to jump in and get out before you get a head freeze. once out of the water an intense feeling of one thousand needles pricking you is felt. the days in the Abel Tasman were incredibly hot so one dip in the Crystal Pool and your blood is cooled for the day.  
They say a Taniwha lives in the caves

I spent all my money on crystals to wear in my bandage to help heal my 11cm wound fast so i could dance at a music festival i was due to go to in a week!! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome 2011 - may you bring good fortune

I was lucky enough to welcome the new year with giggles, dancing, good music and lovely company. Last year was a year of change, this year is said to be a year of achieving. BRING IT ON. Its already day 6 of the new year. time is speeding up and i just want to slow it down! AHHHHHHH
Slow down pretty Universe
On another note, PLUTO is no longer considered a planet. how unfair is that? Its been my favourite planet since i was a child playing 'schools' and use to dream of travelling there! then i discovered you couldnt get there...yet....
I still like him, even if hes not a planet

P.S how cool are these guys?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Weeks Theme

SPIDERS, ew wow. This week the subject of spiders has been very prominent. Probably because i had a creepy crawly dream about one the other night, we were trying to be friends and i was trying to save him while the house surrounding us was slowly breaking down. He was crawling all over me and i tried really hard to not feel a little creeped out, but it was just impossible. i couldn't tell if we were friends or not because i couldn't talk to him. i can still remember the crawling sensation over my arms. the conclusion of the dream is I HAD A FREAKING SPIDER CRAWLING ON ME IN REAL LIFE. So, for this post i searched 'spiders' and it kind of makes my inside feel ill when i look at them. so there will be no picture of a harmless spider.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A book i love.

Add caption
I find it hard to get wrapped up in books. But when I do I obsess about it, dream about it and try and get everyone around me involved in it too. I was short of a book to read and a friend of mine put me onto the series of Enders Game. At first I was dubious towards the genre 'sci-fi' but have since discovered its one of my preferred genres to read. I love fantasy and being taken away to another world. And this world (written in the 80's) is predicted uncannily close to the future we now live in. They refer to what is now known to us as the internet 'the nets' (hehe), and of course it developed to humans colonizing other planets (which I found out recently NASA has spotted a cluster of stars which have planets amongst it which are pretty much like earth COOL) and I also discovered that we can now be buried when we die in a sack and have a tree planted on top of us (which is another aspect of the other books in the series). It’s a very philosophical book which I found quite intriguing, introducing several different ideas of how the world works.

I could blab for a long time about how much I like these series but you should try reading it. YES ^__^ (plus I imagine Ender – once grown up – to be very handsome and wise, maybe a potential husband – too far?) LOL

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dual Gallery - OPEN

Located at 50 Webb Street
(corner of Cuba - access through Kreuzburg Summer Cafe and Grow From Here garden centre)

My studio friend and I have now officially
opened up our gallery! Please come and have a
look around. We have Intricate Jewellery and
pretty clothes for both men and ladies.

Why not grab a delish coffee, a strawberry plant for the summer days and pop into the gallery for your art fix

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Just some pretty trinkets i managed to find at an op shop last week. oh so pretty and aged. 

An old tin for carrying Aspirin. 'Genaspirin' <3

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Man in the Hat

Man in the Hat
Directed by Luit Beiringa

Sunday morning i woke up to find myself watching a New Zealand Documentary on this lovely man named Peter McLeavy. He founded, what is now called Enjoy Gallery located on Cuba Street. Setting up a gallery space in his bedroom on The Terrace in the 1960's, he had a huge part in the formation of the Wellington Art scene. 40 odd years later he still lays in his bare office on his green velvet chaise with typewriter and fountain pen on his desk, looking up at the adorned ceiling pondering life.
I found this documentary very inspiring and related to a lot of his qualms and concerns towards his beginning business and life in general. It gave me ease to know he found his place, his niche and could provide a culture for the community and struggling artists.

I hope that the artists and art lovers of Wellington Community can continue this passion and vision for the future - WE HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO CREATE SOMETHING SPECIAL

Friday, October 15, 2010

Too Much Work and Lingerie

It's 2.30am Saturday Morning and I have just got into bed (ah). I have managed to get my productivity levels up this week and worked 12 hours on my shiv today! When it got to 11pm and i felt like this guy (below) and started making mistakes (like deciding a 6 gore skirt was a good idea?!?!) i thought it would be best to stop.

Highlight of the week. My friend and I got our Lingerie project on its feet, creating some delish simple white lace knickers. We each made a pair to try out and tweak. MMM just one of the pros of making Lingerie. I can't wait until we get cracking on the silk longline bras....hush

Oh John, I love your flare and volume, your subtle demonic Witt
 The chic chiffon slips with that cute Aladdin fit 
Your girls all look so happy, vibrant, high and free
But I know their hiding something, with their cunning trickery

So Jones work your magic and add that extra top hat taste
For not many take advantage of this extravagant millinery lace

John Galliano Spring 2011

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Zealand Fashion Week

So I recently attended fashion week for the first time. I am still undecided on how I feel about the whole experience, I can say one thing for sure, I will never be going as a dresser again! BUT i did meet a lot of people and managed to get into a few decent shows (as a person, not a dresser) and saw NZ fashion as a bigger picture. Although there were a few stand out shows, people with style were lacking. There were lots of people with pulps and short dresses, but very few people with unique, interesting, subtle details that caught my eye. THERE WERE A FEW< BUT I WOULD LIKE MORE.
By the end of the it i had definitely had enough of the whole scene. I missed my hometown like mad and wanted to converse with my buddies.
Much of a learning curve in more ways than one
Will not attempt to be a dresser again (maybe in France)
Its easy to meet people if you put yourself out there. Particularly in NZ
NZ fashion is still very small, but slowly growing, similar to a fruit plant - they only get bigger!

Bonsai Apple Tree ^__^

Monday, September 6, 2010

Flower Me Beautiful x

We have been lucky enough to have had some pretty nice days of Spring, the 7 we have had so far. 
One of my life dreams is to go and view the Cherry Blossom trees in Japan. oh my how lovely would it be. Pink spring trees/flowers have got to be my favourite kind. So super and vibrant against the forest greens and browns. mmmm MM

You should also plan on going to Medillí, Columbia in August to witness the beautiful Feria de las Flores, one of the world’s largest flower festivals. People gather from all over the country to celebrate the flowers. Vendors carry them on their backs and everyone dresses up, dancing, singing, performing and loving.

Music me Timberrss

There are so many factors to music that I love. I have found most music that ends up being my favourite of all time are always the ones I get a bit weirded out by the first time I hear it. I'm now learning when to notice this and love that you can actually train your ear to understand music in more depth.
I also love when I wake up with a good song in my head and can get up and play it really loudly, the beginning of a good day.
So the past month (or two?) I've had only three Artists/Bands in my head EVERY MORNING and I cant continue with my day until its played and sung/danced out of my body, here they are.


Two young handsomes from Wellington, you can download the EP here


Another pair of handsomes from London, I particularly LOVE HF021 listen to it here


One more handsome also from London, listen to him here

This music all falls under the genre of 'electronic' but hey, that doesn't describe it much! listen to it. I guarantee a love